bing search consol

How To Add Your Website To Bing Search Engine

WHY Adding your website to search engine directory is very important Millions abroad are looking for answers to their questions and rely on search engines for... review Review, Payment Proof, and CPM

What is is a URLs shortener tool that converts long URL to short one gives you statistics about your visitors and pay you for...
earn money from url shortening

FC.LC Review: Payment Proof, Rates, Join now

What is FC.LC? Fc.Lc is a URL shortener that offers work online opportunity with high publisher rates. it gives you high CPM to all users with...
how to create xml sitemap

How to Create XML Sitemap in WordPress

What is the sitemap? The sitemap is a list of pages on a site that is open to all visitors. An XML sitemap is a path...
How to install XAMPP on Windows 10

How to install XAMPP on Windows 10

XAMPP is a free open source software that provides an easy way for web designers and developers to install the necessary components to run PHP based software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others on Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Linux.
how to install google analytics code in wordpress

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

Google Analytics is a partially free service available by Google that tracks the visitor traffic and generates reports. Google launched the service in November 2005 after its acquisition of...

How to Fix The link you followed has expired WordPress issue

How to Fix The link you followed has expired WordPress issue When you trying to upload new WordPress theme Apperance>Themes>Add>Upload the following message my...

How to Fix ERR_Tunnel_Connection_Failed in Browser

The most common error while browsing the internet is ERR_Tunnel_Connection_Failed error so, today I will show you how to fix this error in an easy way this is a...
how to install wordpress

How to install WordPress step by step tutorial

Wordpress Story WordPress is an open source HTML project and available for free and offers content management system, built in PHP programming language and MySQL databases,...
how to make windows hotspot

How to share PC Internet to any device via WiFi

This learns you how to share and broadcast your Windows computers or laptop Wi-Fi internet to your phone or any other smart devices. You can do this on any PC...