Katfile.com review
Katfile.com Review

katfile.com Review

katfile.com is a file hosting platform that allows publishers to earn money from their files uploads files and the that pays for each download, Everyone can make an account in simple steps, then upload files, and share the download links with friends on social media or website and start making online money.

Scam or Legit

Is KatFile.com Scam or Legit?Do you work with KatFile.com Before? Can you tell others if they pay publishers or not?

KatFile.com Rewards Program

KatFile.com rewards program include 3 different earning methods:

  • PPD: Publishers will get 100% of downloads profit.
  • PPS: Publishers will get 60% of the purchased premium accounts + 60% from rebills.
  • Mix: 30% of Sales and 30% Of Downloads.

Pay Per Download Program

Country Groups

Japan, Taiwan, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates.

Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina.

Chile, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, Angola, Nigeria, Egypt.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Other Countries.

KateFiles.com Rules and Conditions

  • Katfile.com count every completed download.
  • Files smaller than 5MB do not qualify for points.
  • The minimum payout is $25 (High*).
  • Publishers will be banned if they try to manipulate our system.
  • Downloads by your own account do not count.

KatFile.com Details

  • File Hosting Website: Earn money from uploading files.
  • Sponsor (Advertiser): popup ads (sexual* content may bother some users), and premium accounts.
  • Check Download Pagehttps://bit.ly/3fIsFV5.
  • The number of Ad pages to start download: 3 Pages.
  • Waiting time: 30 Seconds.
  • Downloads are counted after 100% Download.
  • File size must be more than+5MB to Earn.
  • Highest payout rate50$/1000 Downloads for Plan A countries >2Gb file size and the Lowest is 1$/1000 Download for Plan D countries File Size= (1-500 MB).
  • Payout Methods: WebMoney, Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payoneer.
  • Minimal payout: $25 (High*).
  • Registered Users Storage Space: 2048.0* GB (Excellent).
  • Payout Frequency: (Daily*).
  • Largest File Size to Upload: 10 GB* (Amazing).

How to Join Katfile.com

Creating an account is pretty simple Click Here and then type your Username, Email, Password, and solve the captcha.

Payment Proof

Not Available


Contact katfile.com support team via:


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