review – Info is an URL Shortener company that converts long links to a small URL. and, when visitors click on the shortened link they will display two ad pages before the destination page. so, you can monetize your traffic and earn money from links.

This shortener allows everyone to join and start making money in simple steps. In addition, will review the Pros and Cons of this shortener.

Scam or Legit

Publishers always ask before starting to work with any shortener. Is this site paid to publishers? so, we make sure that everyone shares his experience to help the publishers.

Is Scam or Legit?Do you work with Before? Can you tell others if they pay publishers or not? Share your Experience with others! Publisher Rates offers very high payout rates and consider the highest among the competitors, the highest rate is 30$/1000 visits for visitors coming from South Africa while the minimum rate is 4$/1000 visits for All Other Countries but for the visitors coming from Zambia will pay 3$/1000 visits and 2$/1000 visits for Uzbekistan, Virgin Islands, and Yemen.

Also, take care that the payout rates are dynamic and may change them daily. so, check the payout rates page betweenwhiles. Payout Rates Full List
Payout Rates Full List 12/8/2019

Withdraw Methods & Minimum Payout allows you to withdraw your profits using limited methods. in addition, with low withdrawal amount 3$ only (PayPal and Bank Transfer);

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
Bank Transfer (Only for Europe)$3.00
Bitcoin (3% + Blockchain fees)$15.00 Details

  • Sponsor (Advertiser): CBC, CPM, CPA, Popups, Direct link & Push notification (Google Adsense, Meloads network).
  • Check ads page: the ads page contain a lot of ads unit, and popup ads that may bother visitors and decrease the traffic (Bad Experience), I can’t even go to the next page.
  • Format of ads: Banner.
  • Sign Up Bonus: 1$.
  • Multiple views: 1 Visits/IP.
  • Must view your page for at least 10 seconds.
  • Payout Frequency: Daily/Weekly.
  • Minimum Payout: 3$.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, and Bank Transfer.
  • Highest Rate: (South Africa) 30$/1000 Visits.
  • Lowest Rate: (WorldWide) 4$/1000 Visits.
  • Referral system: (Active) Refer friends and receive * 30% (Very high) of their earnings for life!

How popular is

Daily Unique Visitors: 10,350
Monthly Unique Visitors: 310,500
Pages per Visit: 1.80
Daily Pageviews: 18,630
Alexa Rank: 119,782 
Registered Users 217,57
Domain Age:1.5 year.

How to Join

Join Now and start making money online “Click here to Sign Up“.

Type your personal information Username, Email, Password, Retype your Password, Solve the captcha, Approve terms, and finally press on Register. Also, you can sign in using Twitter or Gmail account.

register Terms and Restrictions

  • Don’t try to use a click fraud because you can get banned.
  • Fake & Bot Traffic are not allowed. See More Terms…

Payment Proof

Check their payment proof page.


The support team is always ready to solve your problem and help you 7/24hs through email.



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