how to cite books in paper

Many researchers are wondering how to cite books or chapters and refer to the author in the paper or scientific research. so, in this tutorial, will guide you step by step to quote part of books or chapters in your articles.

Cite Books, Chapters in Article

Step 1. Go to that allows you to cite books automatically.

Step 2. Choose source type. because in this tutorial discuss how to cite book we will choose a book as a source type.

Easybib gives many options to search for the book you need to cite. so, you can enter the Book title, Author or ISBN then click Cite This.

how to cite book

Step 3. Easybib will search in the library about the book. so, just wait for results.

Maybe you will have many versions with the different publication date of the same title. so, select the edition you want to cite from then click cite.

how to cite book in article

Step 4. Easybib will review the book info in the next page with you. after that, click on continue.


Step 5. Follow these steps if you want to cite the whole book but skip them if you don’t want and go to step 6.

In this step leave everything without editing except if you want to add advanced info. as, Vol, Edition, and series After that, click on Complete Citation.

citing the whole book

Step 6. Wait until Easybib Generate your citation then copy-paste it your paper reference.

Step 7. Follow these steps if you want to cite chapter or section of the book.

Under what I’m citing select “Chapter or Section“. after that, the page will load and new options will display.

cite chapter or section of the book

Step 8. In Next Page type the Chapter Title and the pages number and leave everything else. after that, click on “Complete Citation“.

how to cite chapter

Step 9. Wait until the citation is being created and copy it as in step 6.


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