uplod.org review

What is uplod.org

Uplod.org is a file storage center allows the members to earn money from the uploading files, they pay you for every download of your files in simple steps register, upload, then share files links with your friends on social media or on your website.

Scam or Legit

Is Uplod.org Scam or Legit?Do you work with Uplod.org Before? Can you tell others if they pay publishers or not?

Reward Program

Pay Per Download (PPD) program/1000 Downloads.

uplod.org rewards program
How Much will Earn
A United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany
B Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Japan
C Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Mexico, Ireland, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Norway
D All other countries

Publisher rates are dynamics according to many factors. so, check it regularly.

Rules and Restrictions

Before working with this website have a look at their terms and rules.

  • Downloads from suspicious sources (websites) or without any source, download IP’s are a proxy or making a huge number of downloads from high tier deliberately. therefore, WE may ask for your traffic source. if you fail to submit valid source or response to our email, we have rights to ban your account without pay.
  • Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed. so, If we notice any fraudulent activity we have the rights to ban the account
  • Child Pornography or any copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. so, will result in termination of your account without pay.
  • We have the right to change Rewards Service at any time with or without notifications.
  • Files size should be more than 100 KB to get rewarded.

Uplod.org Details

  • Minimum withdraw amount 10$ (Depend on payout method), Paypal (20), WebMoney (20$), Skrill (20$), Payoneer (50$), Jazzcash – Pakistan (10$), Bank Transfer – Pakistan (50$), bKash – Bangladesh (10$).
  • The referral system is active Earn 10% from each your referral profits.
  • Sponsor (Advertiser): CPC, CPM (Google Adsense) and a lot of Popup ads. so, it will bother your visitors.
  • Waiting Time: No.
  • Storage Space: Free 100G to upload files. As a result, you can upload many files.
  • The number of ads page: 3 ads pages to start the download. so, the visitors have difficulties to start the download.
  • Payment Charges Will be deducted from user balance. but, if applicable.
  • Download experience was *very bad. As a result, you may lose a lot of your traffic.
  • Count 1 download/IP (unique downloads only) & only 100% downloads will be counted.

How to Register Uplod.org

Join now “Click Here to Register click on the register button and type your information.

  • Username.
  • Email
  • Password.
  • Confirm Password.
  • Check Recaptcha.
  • Click Register.
Uplod.org register

Payment Proof

No payment proof page found.


The support team available via email. so, use contact us form. also, Get in touch with the support team via Skype live:just.animation8.


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