how to change single page background color in word

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the programs provided within the Office package and is dedicated to word processing and allows to enter words in electronic format on virtual documents.

This is One of the most important programs produced by Microsoft Corporation for word processing.

The first version was launched in 1983 under the name of Multi-Tool Word.

How to change the page background color of the whole word document

The default page color in the word is white color, you can change it to any color you want but it will change the whole document so, in this tutorial, Quam will learn you how to add just a single page background color in a word document in simple and easy steps.

To do this change, go to the Design ribbon tab and choose Page Color. From there, you pick the color you like.

Change the page color in word

Using this way will change all document page background color but unfortunately, there is no option to add a background color to just a single one page, “Don’t Worry” there is an alternative method to do that.

How to add color to one-page

The method is to include a rectangle shape and make it the background. At that point, for that shape, extend it to the full page.

To insert shapes in the word document Go to insert>> Shapes>> Choose Rectangle.

insert shapes in word

Include the rectangle in your page and then extend it to the full page.

extend the shape to the full page

After that Rt click on the shape and choose fill and pick the color you want.

add custom color to single page in word
Add custom color to a single page in word.


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