What is is Arabic URLs shortener tool which converts long URL to a small link gives you the chance to make money from every click to your links, Everyone can join Now and start an online business very easily.

Publisher Rates offers average publisher rates and consider the average among the competitors the highest rate is 9$/1000 visits for visitors coming from the UK while the minimum rate is 0.70$ /1000 visits for All Other Countries for users browsing the ad page via Desktop but 0.35$ /1000 visits to mobile/tablets users which is considered very low in comparison with the majority of other shorteners that gives mostly 3$/1000 visitors worldwide deal.

Also, take care that the publisher rates are dynamic and may change it daily.

complete list of publisher rates
Complete list of publisher rates.

Withdraw Methods & Minimum Payout offers many solutions to withdraw your money with very low minimum withdrawal amount like;

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal Amount
My Wallet1.00$
Western Union50.00$
Vodafone Cash5.00$ Details

  • Sponsor (Advertiser): CPC, CPM (Google Adsense).
  • Type of ads: Banner.
  • Sign Up Bonus: 0.1$.
  • Count 1 IP/day (Visitors must be unique within 24 hours).
  • Must view your page for at least 12 seconds.
  • Payout Frequency: Monthly.
  • Minimum Payout: 1$ (Paypal).
  • Payment Methods: Wallet, PayPal, Bitcoin, Vodafone Cash, Payeer, Western Union.
  • Highest Rate: (United Kingdom) 9$/1000 Visits.
  • Lowest Rate: (WorldWide) 0.7$/1000 Visits.
  • Referral system: (Active) Refer friends and receive 10% of their earnings for life! Restrictions.

  • Do not attempt to click on your own links to increase clicks, we will not count it (our system is smart enough to detect this type of fraud.
  • They block any user who attempts to abuse the system and violate the terms.
  • You must be logged in when links are shortened to calculate money.
  • Your links must comply with their Terms of Service and not infringe your rights.
  • Your membership will be blocked if you try to manipulate the results.
  • calculate clicks from all countries based on traffic pricing from each country.
  • They calculate the completed views by 100%.
  • Do not try to click on your own links, and do not ask others to do it (it’s easy to find out).
  • Deleting your aggregate links for funds before you receive your earnings not allowed.
  • Do not share your links using software that extracts the download link without having to go through the download pages.
  • Copyright-infringing files are deleted without the gain gained.
  • Rights reserved links or adult materials are NOT allowed.
  • Unauthorized fake shortcut links or abbreviated links are not allowed Links shortened from other sites to abbreviate links intended only to achieve a number of clicks and views illegally.

How to Register

Join Now and start making money online “Click here to Sign Up“.

Type your personal information Username, Email, Password, Retype your Password, Solve the captcha, Approve terms, and finally press on Register button or sign in using your Google account, Facebook or Twitter. Create an account. Create an account.

Payment Proof

They have a long list of the payment process you can have a look via this Page.


The support team is always ready to solve your problem and help you 7/24hs through email.



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