how to check wordpress site health

How can I increase my WordPress website speed? This is the most frequently asked question on the Internet, which is looking for a response to everyone, especially that the search sites give priority to archiving for fast sites, showing the quick sites in the first results, So we decided to shed light on the WordPress site health because it will affect the speed and performance of your site.

How to Check WordPress Site Health

Before we start you have to update your WordPress to the last edition, Site health check available in 5.2.2 version and higher check the last release.

WordPress 5.2.2 update.
WordPress 5.2.2 Update.

This add-on was installed in the updated version of WordPress so you do not need to install any plugins to check site health all you have to do >> Go to WordPress Admin Panel>> Tools>> Site Health.

WordPress Site Health Checker
WordPress Site Health Checker.

The tool will scan your site and make sure there are no problems affecting its performance and will give you recommendations to increase your site speed and solve issues.

how to check WordPress site health

I checked my website and I get 75% percent with 4 recommendations to improve my site health and improvements.

How to optimize WordPress Site Health

The add-on will guide you on how to optimize WordPress in the previous example as appear in the above image the tool guide me to make some changes to improve WordPress performance and speed.

1. Remove Inactive Plugins:

Inactive plugins represent a weakness point for your site and hackers can use it so, if you will not use the plugin remove it via Go to WordPress Admin Panel>> Plugins>> Installed Plugins>> Delete.

Delete inactive plugin
Delete inactive plugin.

2. Remove Inactive Theme.

You have to keep only two themes in WordPress, twenty nineteen “the default WordPress theme” and your active theme. We recommend removing any unused themes to enhance your site’s security.

Go to WordPress Admin Panel>> Appearance>> Themes.

Delete Inactive Themes
Delete Inactive Themes.

The themes page will open Click on Theme Details >> pop-up window will appear >> click on delete on the right bottom corner and don’t forget to keep the active theme and another WordPress default theme.

How to delete WordPress inactive theme.
How to delete WordPress inactive theme.

3. Update Themes.

Update your themes if they out of date.

Default themes are used by WordPress automatically if anything is wrong with your normal theme.

4. Update PHP.

PHP is the programming language we use to manufacture and maintain WordPress. More up to date forms of PHP are both quicker and progressively secure, so updating will positively affect your site’s performance.

How to update PHP

5. Install missing PHP modules.

PHP modules perform most of the tasks on the server that make your site run. Any changes to these must be made by your server administrator.

The WordPress Hosting Team maintains a list of those modules, both recommended and required, in the team handbook.

Finally, you will do a great job and your WordPress site health will be 100%.

WordPress Site Health 100%
WordPress Site Health 100%.


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