In this tutorial, will learn you how to enable Wi-Fi calling over the Android smartphone. Wi-Fi calling is a service offered by the most important U.S. mobile service suppliers that permit customers to use a Wi-Fi network rather than your cellphone to make and receive calls. it is a handy feature once you cannot get a portable reception or have restricted minutes on your phone set up.

In this article, we will highlight this service and how to activate it and how to use it on your smartphone.

What Is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling is an HD Voice service offered by mobile service suppliers, as well as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and others. in conjunction with your HD Voice compatible Android smartphone, Wi-Fi calling permits you to make calls over a Wi-Fi network rather than your cell phone . With Wi-Fi calling enabled, you’ll be able to build calls directly from your phone’s dial pad. No special code or apps area unit needed.

 Wi-Fi Calling

IS your Smartphone Supports WI-Fi Calling?

There are two methods to know if your smartphone support Wi-Fi calling or not the first method is calling the service provider to check if your Android smartphone model is supported. The second method is to check model compatibility using the IMEI number if your carrier permits you to check it online.

My Android Is Supported. How Can I Enable Wi-Fi Calling Service?

If your smartphone is supported and also, your phone service provider support Wi-Fi calling feature now you can set up the service and activate the service.

Follow the next few step to activate this handy feature.

Step 1. Go to your WiFi and connect to a WiFi network.

Step 2. Go to your smartphone Settings menu.

Step 3. Go to Wireless and Networks, and press More.

Step 4. Press Wi-Fi Calling on to enable it.



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