This learns you how to share and broadcast your Windows computers or laptop Wi-Fi internet to your phone or any other smart devices. You can do this on any PC that has a network hosting-enabled Wi-Fi adapter installed, meaning that you won’t be able to use many desktop computers for this process. If your Wi-Fi adapter doesn’t let you make a wifi hotspot, you can try other software like Connectify to share your internet.


Step 1. Open Start. Click the start button or windows logo.

Step 2. Open Settings. Click the Settings button then the Settings window will open.

setting menu windows 10

Step 3. Click the Network & Internet. It looks like this image. network and internet

mobile hotspot

Step 4. Click the Mobile hotspot tab. This is on the left side of the window.

turn hotspot on

Step 5. Click on Mobile hotspot to switch on. (see above image).

share over wifi

Step 6. Share over wifi marked by default.

edit network and password

Step 7. You can also change the network name and password by clicking on the edit button. wifi

Step 8. Go to your smartphone and turn wifi on then wait until wifi detects the new hotspot. wifi hotspot connected

Step 9. Connect and enter the password.

galaxy note 8 connected

Finally, Connected now.


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